I need advice on Building a Custom Gaming PC for the First Time

Hey everyone, :wave:

I am diving headfirst into the glorious world of custom gaming rigs! I’ve been researching like crazy, but there’s still a fog of confusion around a few things. That is where you awesome folks come in – any advice or recommendations would be a gamer’s dream.

The nitty-gritty:

My wallet’s gotta stay happy, so I’m aiming for a sweet spot between $1500 and $2000. What components would pack the biggest punch for that price tag?
Everyone says they’re important, but for gaming, which one should I splurge on more? Any specific CPU or GPU models you gurus recommend?
So, cooling solutions – air or liquid? Is that fancy liquid cooling worth the extra cash for a first-timer like me?
How do I make sure all these parts play nicely together? Are there any compatibility checker tools or websites you swear by?
Any golden rules or things to keep an eye on during the build process itself? What are those rookie mistakes I should definitely avoid?
Slay the latest games on high settings, with a build that can handle future upgrades. Your insights would be a lifesaver in navigating this exciting (and slightly intimidating) journey. Thanks a ton in advance!
I also check this : https://forum.arstech.net/t/how-to-install-qemu-guest-agent-on-ubuntu-debian-for-enhanced-virtual-machinealteryxmanagement/173 But I have not found any solution.

Happy Building :innocent: